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State Championship Rules:

Shoot Rules are as follows:

1. Any arrow type may be used. Except in Primitive class, all wood bows and wood or cane arrows.

2. Overdraws are NOT permitted.

3. No stabilizers are allowed.

4. Sights of any kind are NOT permitted.

5. Marks or lines on your bow are NOT permitted.

6. Peep sights in or on the string are NOT permitted.

7. Arrows will be shot from the shelf, knuckles or elevated stick on rest.No mechanical or bolt on rest will be allowed.

8. Binoculars and range finders are NOT allowed.

9. Release aids are NOT allowed.

10. Archers can shoot from any position that is within reach of shooting ribbon.

11 An arrow touching the line marking the edge of a greater scoring area shall receive the higher score.

12. Some targets have material surrounding the actual outline of the animal such as rocks or logs. An arrow embedded in this area shall be scored a zero.

13. 11 rings will be counted if the target has one

14. Altering of course (ie..removing obstacles) is strictly prohibited.

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